Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday, March 22,2010
Lots has happened since I last wrote in my blog. Dr. Demers told us we could zip up to Georgia for a few days which we did. It was good medicine, especially when Kathy's family drove up to celebrate Gary's birthday. Was such a treat to worship with our All Saints family in Blairsville. We miss them a lot. When we returned to FL Kristy's family was here from TX for a week. Lots of dinners together, activities with Julie's kids, celebrated Tyler's 9th bday, visited the Butterfly Encounter, viewed soccer game...more fun. Dr. Demers took out my drain and told us that another 8 lymph nodes also came back negative- for a total of 14. Today I had my first chemo treatment. It went very smoothly and I will be faithful to take my anti nausea pills for a few days, so that it will continue. Yesterday a friend delivered a Chemo Caddy to me from their St Luke's Care Ministry. How awesome. It must have had 20 necessary items for comfort and things to pass the time with.
We continue to praise and thank God for His presence and healing for all His children including our friend Duane whose cancer was contained with no further treatments. My morning verse from Ps 18:2 reminded me that "the Lord is my Rock, my fortress, my whom I take refuge. He is my stronghold." That is so true and we are so blessed. Each of you is so special and loved by us. Thanks for standing with us.

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  1. So glad all is going well with you. Thank you Lord for your faithfulness. Continue to heal and protect Carol Lynn.