Monday, March 8, 2010

, ,March 8, 2010
Will remember today as the day we received the wonderful news that the 8 nodes that Dr. Demers took last Thursday ALL came back NEGATIVE.
We are praising and thanking our great God for being our ROCK to hang onto through this cancer journey and my HEALER. Last week my oncologist, Dr. Shah told us that, "the cancer is we work on prevention." Wow! Chemo treatments will begin March 22 for 6 months followed by radiation. Will do my wig shopping soon. So we have permission to zip up to the cabin in GA for a few days. When we come back we can continue celebrating with Kristy's family who will come from TX. We have Tyler's 9th birthday, Joe's 13th, Kara's 22nd, Kevin's 19th, Jake's 16th and Gary's 70th to give thanks for. Wow! That's a lot of March birthdays. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Please add dear friends, Duane and Mary Ann, to your lists for strength and peace for the days ahead.
Much love and thanks to all of our faithful prayer warriors.
Gary and Carol Lynn

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