Saturday, July 9, 2011

July 9, 2011
God continues to bless us every day. Each day is better than the last one and Gary is healing nicely from his surgery on June 27. We had a bend in the road on July 4 as his a fib decided to rear it's head big time. His pulse normally is mid 50s and he recorded 150. So doctor thought a visit to the ER was appropriate. He had had 2 minor events in the days before that resolved themselves at home. All were due to the surgery and stress on his body. So the doctors and nurses at FL South again took great care monitoring him for 2 days. He is slowly building up his energy level. It has been a real eye opener for we were only prepared for an outpatient event. Will have doctor appts in next few weeks and hopefully head back to cabin in GA. Need to get stronger as nephew, Dave, gets married in Chicago in September. Just heard from brother, Jim, who moved out of house he and Gretchen had lived in for 26 years. Sounded like a monumental task of down sizing. But as my Dad always said..."Life goes on" ...and it does. Granddaughter, Kara, made it home from WY for month's visit. Grandkids Terri and Tyler will head to beach for a church retreat in Daytona Beach where Kristin is involved with her 2 months of outreach training. Not sure when we will see Dorsetts this summer as their sports will start up again soon and they will have a week of family camp at Pinecove in TX. God certainly has lots of plans for all of our lives. ..and they are all for our good. Saw a quote recently that said, "Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly." Liked that one. Thanks to all our friends who have been lifting us up. Love and hugs, Gary and Carol Lynn
Requesting prayers for friend Judy and her family, Julie's father in law Richard, Linda , Don & Ivonne.

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